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Recovery Gift Bags for a Child’s Tonsillectomy


Just over a week ago, my 4 year old god-daughter Mercy had her tonsils and adenoids removed, which is considered major surgery. While it is a short procedure, I was anxious and nervous, but happy to hear how well she did. Being “just” the god-mother, I can’t imagine how stressed, nervous and anxious her parents must have been.

She was quite the trooper though!!! I think her age helped because she was somewhat able to understand what was happening and talk enough to explain what hurt or ask questions. She spit out the ‘goofy juice’ (sedative), so when she was rolled back she was completely herself. She chatted with the nurses and didn’t shed a tear! She woke up after a 30 minute procedure without tears and gave a small smile shortly after. She ate soft scrambled eggs and soft pancakes like a trooper shortly after being back into the recovery room. And of course she had a ton of popsicles and apple juice throughout the day.

While the recovery for a child is about half the time of an adult, at 2 weeks. She should be able to go back to school after a week, just no outside activity for 2 weeks. In an effort to make her inside time more enjoyable I decided to make a recovery gift for her. Initially I was going to make a basket but decided to divide my efforts up, into 14 recovery bags, one for each day of her two weeks.


Here is what I did. I took brown paper lunch bags and numbered them. I used scrapbook paper from my stash for this. Inside each one I included a variety of things, from edibles to activities. Lastly, I included a note/card with each one. On the front of each card I glued a coloring image of one of her favorite characters to be colored as part of the activities. Inside each card I wrote her a short note, to be read to her by her mom or dad (whoever was opening the bag with her).

photo 1-2

Here is what was included:

  1. DVD and pillow case
  2. Stuffed animal and body wash (to be used as body wash or bubble bath)
  3. Playdoh and playdoh toys, worksheet, juice box, and  jello cup (I took apart a workbook from the dollar store and put 1-2 sheets per bag)
  4. Character towel, nail polish, juice box, jello, and worksheet
  5. Character puzzle, juice box, pudding cup, and worksheet
  6. Worksheet, puppets (to be cut out of paper and glued to the bags), scissors, glue, and jello box
  7. Worksheet, silly string, juice box, jello cup, and balloons (to make a balloon rocket)
  8. Crayons, coloring book, worksheet, juice box, and pudding cup
  9. Cotton candy, baby Princess Tiana doll, worksheet, and juice box
  10. Construction paper, stickers, worksheet, juice box and water flavor packet
  11. Worksheet, juice box, playdoh, and water flavor packet
  12. Worksheet, card games, juice box, and water flavor packet
  13. Worksheet and coloring books
  14. Worksheet, M&Ms and bubbles

All together, I spent maybe $35 on this gift. A lot of things I was able to get from the dollar store, from the dollar section at Target or from my stash of toys/things that I have at home. I buy things on SUPER sale (less than a dollar) to be gifted to someone later. Sometimes I have a person in mind, sometimes I do not.

photo 3 photo 4



5 thoughts on “Recovery Gift Bags for a Child’s Tonsillectomy

  1. This is so sweet. Your goddaughter is so lucky to have you. My 3 year old is going through this surgeries next week and we are alone in this country. I wish we had someone as wonderful as you supporting us in her recovery!

  2. Great idea! My daughter has hers out next week. I’ve gotten her a bigger gift (toy she has been wanting) for after surgery and have gathered lots of art supplies and things to do for her recovery period. I like the idea of a new surprise each day, though, so I may split some things up. I’ll also probably bring out a.new library book each day.

    • A big gift will be awesome as well. My goddaughter looked forward to her daily bag and loved the little surprises. Splitting them out sounds like a great compromise for you!

  3. Our son is going in on Monday and I’m walking out the door to make your idea come to life for our little guy!!! Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea! I never would have thought of this but I know he will look forward to a bag everyday!!! She is so lucky to have you in her life…

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